The word viral is one of the most frequently used words. In addition, viral is a term that is also very synonymous with social media. So what exactly is viral?

If defined, viral is a situation to reveal the spread of news and information, is it true? According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary, the word viral is related to a virus or is widespread and fast like a virus.

Based on the definition of the KBBI, it is clear that the meaning of viral is related to viruses and the world of health. Even so, the current use of the word viral is often used to express news that is being discussed by many people or is spread and known by many people.

Then how can the word viral change meaning and be associated with information or news that is being widely discussed, especially on social media? Check out the following explanation.

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The Origin of the Word Viral and Changes in Its Meaning

Meanwhile, translating from Wonderpolis, previously, the word viral refers to a disease that spreads easily. For example, as many as millions of people have been infected by COVID-19.

But now, with the development of time and technology, there has been a change in the meaning of the word viral. Now, viral is more often used to describe the momentum or events that are being discussed and steal the public's attention. In addition, videos, photos, or information that is spread quickly can also be called viral.

Use of the word viral

The word viral can have negative or positive connotations depending on the topic or thing being discussed. The viral kara was first used in 2009 to describe a "David after Dentist".

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Furthermore, the word viral began to be used by many groups and people to describe something extraordinary. Generally, videos, photos, containing news, events or entertainment are said to be viral if they get lots of likes, views, or are shared thousands of times and get lots of netizen comments.

So it is not wrong if the definition of viral is a situation to reveal the rapid spread of news and information. Now you understand the meaning of the word viral, right?

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