Viral videos always come suddenly by artists. The viral artist is the most famous today, therefore the news that is discussed by the public is very high on social media. For this reason, we always check whether the news is true or not. For this reason, we always check whether the news is true or not.

A viral video is a video that has become popular through the viral process of Internet sharing, usually via video-sharing websites, social media and electronic mail.

Viral videos can turn people into internet celebrities in an instant. Imagine, millions of people will know your name. For some, being known to people is a dream come true. But on the other hand, there are those who prefer to maintain the privacy of their lives.

Between privacy and viral videos will never go hand in hand. Moreover, usually viral videos can be seen by up to 5 million people. It's not just an online issue, when it goes viral, people will talk about it with friends or family at lunch or together. Viral videos are not only widespread when shared via social media, they can even reach even further by word of mouth.

Viral videos can be about anything. Viral videos can contain funny moments that make people laugh. Or current events caught on camera. The general theme of viral videos is interesting. All of these topics can become viral videos. Viral videos inspire people to share them with friends. Do you have a pet that does something funny? Or a friend with a special talent? Or something cool in your city? Today, the number of online videos is many times more than before. One can easily take video with smart phone. Then upload to sites like YouTube. It is estimated that five billion videos are watched online every day. Which of the videos will go viral? Don't know for sure. In today's digital age, anything is possible.

However, there are several characteristics that make videos more likely to go viral, namely:

  • Short duration 
Reported from Forbes, the results of a survey of The New York Times show, more than 19 percent of people tend to close the video after the first 10 seconds. This means that videos that are funny or interesting at the start are more likely to go viral.

  • Making laughs or emotions happy 
Jonah Berger in Contagious: Why Things Catch On (2019), finds that frequently shared content tends to evoke strong emotions in readers or viewers. Of those emotions, the content that is shared most often tends to have a positive or upbeat tone, causing laughter or happy emotions.

  • The right moment 
A video is much more likely to go viral at the right moment. It can range from current events in the world to pop culture topics that dominate the news.

  • Connect with the world
Anything connected to a world event has the opportunity to reach a large audience. Show interest in the same topics as most people in the world.
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