Video is a technology for sending electronic signals from a moving image. Common applications of video signals are like television, but they can also be used in other applications in engineering, science, production and security and others. By language, the word video comes from the Latin word which means "I see".

In addition, video is a technology that is used to capture, record, process, transmit and rearrange moving images. Where usually use celluloid film, electronic signals, or digital media. Digital video itself is a type of video recording system that works using a digital system compared to analog in terms of video representation. And usually digital video is recorded on tape, then distributed via optical disc, such as VCD and DVD.

Videos have various types, as for the types of videos including:

Motion Picture Expert Group (MPEG)
AVI (*.avi) File type Avi is Audio Video Interleave. Which was first introduced by Microsoft in 1992 as a multimedia format that adjusts between video and audio.
Media Player is a multimedia player that can be used as a plugin on a web browser to play AVI and MPG video file formats. This Media Player is developed by Microsoft Corp
Real Player is a multimedia player that can be used as a plugin on a web browser to play Real Audio sound file formats and Real Video video file formats. Real Player is developed by Real Networks
Quick Time, Created by Apple company, Widely used for data transmission on the Internet.

In addition to the types based on their shape, the following are types of videos based on the purpose of making them, including:

Story: A video that has a purpose as something that tells a story.
Documentary: Video that records an event or events that have occurred or are currently happening in life for later use as data or documents.
News : Video that aims to present a news or information to many people.
Learning: Video that aims to provide learning material so that it is easily absorbed and can be played back.
Presentation: Video that aims to communicate ideas or ideas from a group or person who has a purpose.
Thus the discussion about the Definition of Video, Types and Functions. Hopefully this article can add insight and be useful for those of us who read it.
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