The computer is a hardware device that is closely related to technology. Inside the computer there are several supporting components so that the computer works as it should. Today, almost every line of work requires a computer device. Because, computers are able to help various human jobs. Then, what is the real meaning of a computer? What are the functions of the computer? Take it easy, because on this occasion we will discuss the full understanding of computers especially for you.

Understanding computers in general is a set of electronic tools that can be used to process data in accordance with various procedures that have been previously formulated, so as to be able to provide information that is very useful for each user. In addition, the notion of a computer is an electronic device in which there is a series of various components that are interconnected and form a work system. The system contained in this computer can do work automatically based on the program that has been ordered, so that it can produce certain data and programs. Generally, a computer consists of several main elements, namely hardware or hardware consisting of RAM, processor, hard drive, CPU, and Motherboard. Then there is also software or software, namely the operating system and also various applications that are installed on the hardware so that they can work according to the user's orders. While the last element of the computer is the user or brainware, namely the user or the operator of the computer itself. Actually, the word computer itself is taken from the Latin, namely "computaire" which means to count. So, a simple understanding of the computer is a tool that is able to calculate arithmetic.

The development of computers that have occurred so far can be divided into five groups of generations. In each batch is determined by the main components of the computer. Each group of this generation will be able to produce computer output with a size that is simpler, smaller, affordable and also durable. The development of computers is always accompanied by the discovery of new components that make computers simpler. Today, computers are capable of processing sounds, images, text, and various non-numeric forms in them. The most important thing about computers is that the whole process of images, sounds, text, and other things is another form of calculating basic numerical forms.
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